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Winter Garden Farmer's Market
Saturday, July 20
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Hi everyone, and thanks for visiting this site! Hopefully soon you’ll become members of the burgeoning Goop Troop!


My name is Pat Clarke. For nearly 34 years I was a television sportscaster in the Orlando, Florida area, but my passion even before moving here always was cooking, my dream for years was to one day sell my culinary dishes to you folks, even though I may not be a chef.


Goop Dogs were actually invented and named by my mother, Betty Clarke, when she and my dad were raising my sisters and me in small-town Iowa back in the 1960’s. Mom was a terrific cook and loved spicy food, but was careful not to add much heat at all to the food she served us when we were kids. Her answer to a chili dog back then was a ground beef-based sauce with brown sugar and baked beans served over a hot dog. Because the sauce was an on-the-fly concoction made with available ingredients, Betty - appropriately enough - dubbed it a Goop Dog. By the time I was in high school, goodness knows how many Goop Dogs my sisters and I – and our friends – had enjoyed, yet I had an itch to give the pups a little more punch, so toyed with different spices to add to Mom’s creation. In full mad scientist mode, I ultimately found what those who love the Goop Dog today would say is a perfect combination of sweet and light heat. In fact, Goop became so tasty to those who ate them that many implored me to the remove the hot dog so they could enjoy more Goop with each bite. Their wish was my command.


For years now, the Goop Dog has been served on a Martin’s potato hot dog roll with cheese, warmed and then quickly wrapped in foil to allow the sandwich to “coagulate” (official Goop Dog lingo!).  The result is a taste-tempting, easy-to-eat sandwich featuring a soft, chewy roll with warm Goop and gooey cheese that melts into the meat mixture. If you do have an affinity for hot dogs, we also serve our now-wildly popular Sooper Goop Dog, which features that delicious Goop with an all-beef hot dog. And - if you like added heat, you can give our Spicy Goop a try, featuring a habanero/ghost pepper cheese blend. You’ll have Goop-bumps (official Goop Dog lingo!).


Sadly, Mom passed away in 2007, but not before she heard about the Goop Dog movement that had filtered its way into central Florida. She was happy and proud that her mid-60’s concoction had evolved and was being enjoyed by so many in the Orlando area. Please check out the testimonials on this site – as well as media reviews of the Goop Dog – then come join us and try one for yourself! I guarantee one won’t be enough! Please check our calendar to see where you can find Goop Dogs in the coming days and weeks!


And thank you so much for visiting this site! Your support of the Goop Dog is so-appreciated!


Pat Clarke

Chief Goop Steward


The Original Goop Troop members - my sisters

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