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Betty's Caramel Corn

Mom was responsible not only for the invention of Goop Dogs, but also her own delicious take on caramel corn.


"Wickedly Addictive"

As the label suggests, once you

open a package of Betty Clarke's Caramel Corn, it's next to impossible to set it down. Even we are rethinking the need for a zip-lock bag. Mom's decades-old recipe was simple but nothing short of mouth-watering. Her caramel topping was made using fresh ingredients, drizzled over fluffy popcorn along with tavern nuts, then slowly baked to perfection.

A Mother's Touch

Mom had a keen sense of knowing just how much of any ingredient made for the perfect finished product. Taste her caramel corn and you'll know what we mean. The caramel doesn't overwhelm the popcorn, it complements it. Available now at local farmer's markets - and for pickup or delivery online. Make Goop Dogs your meal of choice, then kick back and enjoy Betty's Wickedly Addictive Caramel Corn for a snack anytime.

Bet you never use the zip-lock!

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