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  Goop Lingo Guide  

The Goop Dog was invented decades ago by Betty Clarke and painstakingly tweaked by her son, Pat. It features carefully seasoned ground beef and has been affectionately referred to as a“peppy pup." The unique flavor of the Goop Dog is the perfect combination of sweet and light heat and is served on a Martin’s potato hot dog roll with cheese, warmed and then quickly wrapped in foil to allow the sandwich to “coagulate."

Coagulation – The crucial, necessary step in making Goop Dogs taste as delicious as they do! After assembly, each pup is gently heated, then quickly wrapped in special foil. At that moment, the sandwich begins to “come together.” The cheese slowly melts into the seasoned meat, while the potato roll becomes soft and chewy. The result is explained (or at least inferred) in the following two Goop Lingo entries.


Goopbumps – A modern, more proper usage of the outdated term “goosebumps.” Veteran members of the Goop Troop still insist that eating a Goop Dog creates a taste-bud sensation that immediately causes hair on their arms to stand, bumps in their skin to surface, smiles on their faces to appear.


Goopgasm – Use your imagination.


Goopified – Honorable distinction given to anyone who has just consumed their first-ever Goop Dog. Once you’re goopified, you receive automatic inclusion in the fast-growing Goop Troop.

Gooptastic – When asked how a Goop Dog tastes, this is often the one-word response.

Gobble-de-Goop - Not to be confused with the word "gobbledygook," Gobble-de-Goop has multiple definitions. It can describe the manner with which some choose to eat their Goop Dog, and also refers to any Goop Dog eaten during Thanksgiving weekend.

Squidgy - The soft, chewy texture that a Martin's potato roll transforms into after it has been filled with Goop & cheese, warmed and then wrapped in foil.

"Gooptopia Effect" - First-time consumers of Goop Dogs almost universally experience a sudden and profound awakening of their taste buds upon taking their very first bite. Scientists have dubbed it the "Gooptopia Effect," which also - within a 24-hour period - causes a noticeable and positive change in lives of the newly-goopified.

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